Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, October 19, 2015

"Everyone in this world just wants to feel loved."

hey ya’ll! today has been crazy!!! we got our writing time cut cause we did a lot today so if i don’t write you a personal letter and i normally do i’m sorry!

well, this week has been pretty slow, but there were still some highlights.

First, our convert received The Holy Ghost yesterday!! it was so sweet. the branch president gave it to her and he gave her an awesome blessing. it was perfect for what she needed and wanted. she said that she hasn’t felt this happy before in her life. it is so worth all of the hard times to watch her change her life.

another highlight of the week was the weather. it was either 95 degrees or above or rainning. im not even joking there was no in between. let me tell you, the heat is hard but it is a thousand times better than the rain. no one wants to talk to you in the rain and no one is in the streets so raining days = hard days. the heat is hard cause pants and a buttoned up shirt with a tie is killer. i have been wearing short sleeve shirts for about 3 weeks now and i already have a killer farmers tan. i cant even imagine what it is going to turn into. its bad!!

so i have figured out a good way to tell how much i am going to understand someone before they start talking to me. all i have to do is check to see how many teeth they have. if they have them all, i can get about 90% of what they say which is pretty good. if they have half their teeth, we are looking at 45-60% and if they have no teeth... game’s over. i might as well not even try. lisa, do you understand what i’m trying to say?
two things that i am figuring out that i miss a lot is carpet and grass. you have no idea how good these two things are. i miss soft warm carpet that you can walk around bare foot in and i miss freshly cut grass. these two things seem really dumb but when i get back to the states i’m never going to take them for granted. everyone here either has tile, dirt, or concrete instead of carpet and rocks and dirt for grass. the only place that has these two things is the church which has a 20 by 30 foot space of both. this is why i love our church so much.

one thing that i figured out this week is everyone in this world just wants to feel loved. it is a basic thing that all humans want and need to feel even the most crazy people in this world.  love is the reason why some people do dumb things- they are looking for love in the wrong way. it just hit me as we were talking to some crazy dude in the street. we need to follow the Savior’s example and love everyone, even when it is hard. i don’t know why i just realized this but it is so important. love everyone. there is a reason why they do certain things.
You can also hear this video by clicking here

there isn’t much info in this letter but things were pretty slow this week. there isn’t much to report when we spent most of the week contacting. hopefully we have more success next week. i love you all. the church is true.

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