Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Gospel is true.

Elder Magnusson enjoying his p-day with his zone

I found this picture of Elder Magnusson on a blogpost written by the Mission President's wife, Sister Warne.  You can read the post by clicking here.  Sam is on the left side of the picture towards the back. 

so i survived my first week without elder remon. it was a little hard at first but things worked out. elder edwards is my comp right now. he is from alpine utah and went to lone peak high. he is pretty chill. he is alot different than elder remon and that isn’t a bad or a good thing, just different.

our sector is huge and i thought that i was going to have trouble remembering where things and places are, but i have been blessed. i haven’t had any problems with it so all is good.

one thing though with the last change is, we were visiting a lot of people that weren’t progressing at all, so we were wasting a lot of time. we decided to stop visiting these people as much. because of this we have a lot more time on our hands. we have filled this time with contacting... a lot of contacting. it has paid off too. we think we have 2 new solid investigators, so things are looking good for us.

we have two investigators. they both come to church a lot, both have read the book of mormon all the way through, and both say that they have a testimony of the church but they cant get baptized because they aren’t married and they wont get married because of some problems they have had in the past and she cant forgive him enough to get married. that is the story that they are giving us. they are such a good couple and i want them to have the gospel so much. we are really going to focus on them this week.

we have another family that we committed to baptism yesterday. the mom was baptized when she was 13 and never has come to church since. she has 2 kids, one is 17 and the other is 10. the 10 year old said that he wants to be baptized and the 17 year old says that she will pray about it. they are such a good family as well. i honestly think that they will become members of the church. i have committed other people to baptism but haven’t told you guys about it because i didn’t feel confident about it, but i feel super confident about this family. they seem really good.

i had my first bad meal. when the hermana was dishing it up she said that she didn’t have enough time to cook the meat all the way so she hopes it is cooked enough. i took a bit and almost died. i asked her what it was but i didn’t understand what she said. i don’t know how i finished it but i did. when i left the house i asked my comp what is was and it was straight pig fat with beans. i was a little sick for the next couple of days but not enough to keep me in the house. gatta love the food here

funny story of this week..... we were walking in the street and we walked past a cop. i said hola to him and he turned to me and said in english.... "I love you... will you marry me and my wife" in a super heavy accent. before i could say anything, he turned and walked away. i thought i was going to die of laughing so hard. pretty funny.

things are going good right now. i have learned a lot this week after taking over the sector. it was harder but i am grateful for what i have learned. i love being a missionary and wearing Jesus Christ’s name on my chest everyday. the Gospel is true and will bless your life if you follow its teachings. this is my testimony.

This video talks about the message that Sam is sharing with the the people in Chile.
You can also view the video by clicking here.