Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"The Church is True!"

Me and my companion

Elder Magnusson:  Que Paso?  

Weekly photo from the Missionary Training Center

Family and friends,

this is my last week in the CCM!!!!!!! i cant wait to get out into the field! we leave next Tuesday so i don’t know when my next p-day is so i will write as soon as i can.

tomorrow they send our whole district out into the field for 2 hours to go contacting. i am scared out of my mind but i cant wait to go!! we will see how it goes. then on friday we go on splits for the day with the north mission. i am so excited for this. i feel like i have been here in the ccm for 6 weeks and now i get to do what i want to do. pray for me these next couple of days.

this week was a roller coster. we got a new batch of missionaries and 70% of them graduated high school less than 3 weeks ago.... no joke. they are all soooo young. they all looked so scared as well. i know that i looked exactly the same so i can t really talk.

this is something that dad and dave will appreciate. Luke worthington from the byu basketball team is here in the ccm. he is going to the east mission. we have gotten relatively close. i ate lunch with him and his comp 2 days this week and i talk to him all the time in the halls. he is super funny and really chill. he says that he doesn’t want to talk about ball so we just talk about chile and back home.

we got new roommates. one is from bolivia and the other is from argentina. i literally can not understand a word that the argentinean says. his accent is soooo thick. i can understand chilian spanish pretty well if they talk relatively slow but this is hard. it was funny explaining how the shower and sink worked. you would think that it would be simple but trust me it was hard. he is pretty chill though. they are always flexing in the mirror and always challenging us to an arm wrestle. i am going to miss them.

sunday was an interesting day. the first 4 weeks you are here you have all of your devos, classes and meetings in english except for sacrament meeting. the last 2 weeks you have everything in spanish. i didnt get much out of the day. i was more frustrated than anything. then during sacrament meeting i was asked to give a talk in spanish. IT WAS SOOO BAD!! my spanish was terrible! i could see  everyone smiling in the audience because it was so bad. i could honestly say that is was in my top 10 most embarrassing moments of my life. but then i started to bare my testimony and it was one of the most honest and sincere testimonies i have ever given. the room got really quiet and the spirit was there. afterward, everyone came up to me and said that they really liked my testimony. 2 different teachers said that they talked about it in their lessons during sunday school. it was a cool experience to see how even though you cant speak the language you can still invite the spirit.

today for p-day we went to the store to get cookies and to popeyes. i didn’t get anything tho. we also got sketchy chilian food off the street corner. it was sooo good.

ok, i wish i could write more but there isn’t much time.

i love you all and the church is true.

This video shows a day in the life of a Mormon Missionary in the MTC.  This is what Elder Magnusson has been doing for the past 5 weeks.  I think is is filmed in the Provo MTC.  Sam is in the Chile MTC (or CCM in Spanish)
You can also view the video by clicking here.  

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