Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"The Lord has Blessed Me So Much"

family and friends once again we have less than an hour to write so if i don’t respond personally i’m sorry.

this week was pretty hard and yet really good at the same time. i have come to accept the fact that i’m not going to learn that much spanish in the mtc. we only have an hour to work on spanish and even then it’s not the most effective hour. we get new teachers every two weeks and each time we get new ones they know less and less english so it is really hard for them to explain how to do certain things. pretty much all i can do is pray, bare my testimony and give a rough intro about the book of mormon. i can understand the teachers pretty well when they are talking about gospel topics but when they start talking about the language i loose them. the first 3 or 4 months in the field will be rough.

when you get a group of 18, 19 ,20 year old kids sitting down all day in a classroom you would figure that they go a little crazy. because they go a little crazy. they start making up dumb games to do during their 10 min break every 2 hours. we have perfected a paper/trash can basketball game. we are going to have a triple elimination tournament over the next couple weeks. the game is what keeps us going during class. honestly i live for breaks, and meal times.

this week the mtc was like a sick house. the cold was flying around and EVERYONE got sick. i was lucky and didn’t get it too bad. my comp did though. i felt bad for him. some people got the flu as well. i felt so bad for them.

i am starting to appreciate the food. it isn’t the best but it has gotten better over the weeks. i have gained 7 lbs. thats probably not good but once i get into the field it will come right off. the bread is where all the weight is coming from. it is soooooo goood. i love it. i wont be able to eat north american bread anymore.
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we got a new group of elders living with us and out of the 6 that came 5 are over 6 foot. they are all super athletic which makes the 20 minutes that we have to play sports in the morning super fun because they are a good competition.

i wish that i could take/send more pictures but you can only take during your 3 hours of p-day and they don’t really want you to anyway because they say that they don’t want missionaries looking like tourists.

the mtc has been pretty hard but it has been good for me. i can definitely feel myself becoming more humble and teachable. my testimony has grown so much and my love for the gospel has only increased. i have been blessed with a good comp, teachers, and district. when ever i can feel myself complaining inside my head i just picture dad smiling and saying "good! its good to do hard things elder magnusson! now forget yourself and go to work"

i know that this church is true and the book of mormon is the word of God. i would do anything for the Lord because he has blessed me so much. i love being a missionary because i know that i am doing the Lord’s work. thank you for your prayers.
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