Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, March 13, 2017


so this week was a pretty good one. it was stressful but good.

so the biggest news this is that our investigator got baptized. it was such a good baptismal service. two other people got baptized and because of that there were a ton of people there. we had been teaching him for about 2 months and i saw a huge change in him... he has came a long way. To confirm to me that he was really ready was when he came out of the water he looked at me and with a big smile on his face he asked me "am i really clean?” when i told him yes he said, "oh good cause i feel clean". it was a real honor to baptize him. then on sunday he received the holy ghost by my my comp. it was a really nice blessing.

So our other investigator is going to get baptized this week. she is a 9 year old girl and the daughter of a family from the ward that we have been working with. the family had an interview with the branch president and put goals to go to the temple. we are super excited. anyway she already had her interview and passed so now we just have to finish one more lesson and we are good. one crazy thing about her is that she is super smart. she is the number one student in her school and it is a huge and good school. sometimes i feel like that she knows more about the doctrine of the church than us and that isn’t a joke. she knows so much. i just hope all goes well this week.

So yesterday i realized that it was more than likely my last sunday in centinela because next week we have district conference and then changes on tuesday. as i looked around the chapel i realized how much i have come to love the members. they are so good and they do so much to help us. when i have to say goodbye to them when i go there are going to be some hard goodbyes. when i got set apart to be a missionary and as i bore my testimony i said it was going to be hard to love the people here because i didn’t know them. i realize that was a pretty dumb comment. i have come to truly love the people here.

so next week ill write with the news about changes .  i’m pretty sure that i’m going. i have no idea where but we will see what happens.

i love you all and i will see you all soon.

elder mag

ps i have a ton of pics but i don’t want to send them because the computer place is pretty sketch and i don’t want to get a virus. i’m going to try to back them up on a pin drive and send them next week but no promises.

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